Wednesday, 19 November 2014

New routines

Since I last wrote, life has been quite intensely filled, mostly by getting to grips with my new job. So far I've been working morning shifts, meaning that I have to get up at 5:00. I am a receptionist in a hostel that's only a short tram journey from where I am living. I try to remind myself that making a lot of mistakes in the beginning is normal, and am getting gradually better at not putting myself down for it! For the most part, though, I am having fun; my team is cool, the atmosphere is pleasant, I'm learning new skills, and I love the fact that the working languages are German and English. I also get to de-scale my French once or twice a week, depending on the clients.

Last week was nice as Alex and Andrew, my Leicester friends, were in Berlin. I showed them around my area a bit, including going to Dolores for burritos. The best part of their burritos is the smoky peanut sauce... wow. The one I had was called Vegan Lover - it's a little more expensive than Vegan Friend, but it was a special occasion!

Since I was getting up early, I wasn't able to participate in enjoying Berlin's nightlife with them (which I'm still pretty ignorant about, really, given that this is one reason Berlin is a popular place to visit). It's taking a bit of getting used to, this new schedule. By the time I get home from a shift, usually around 16:00, it's all I can do not to take a nap. Harder still, the days are slowly but surely getting darker! 
This isn't how I envisioned living in a big city, and I feel a bit guilty about it, given that there are so many cool places on my doorstep. It takes a lot of organisation; I actually need to spend a lot of time simply finding things to do, through the internet or otherwise, so that I don't end up feeling like I have wasted an evening. It's quite a challenge, as I am generally inclined towards more solitary activities, but I need to be constantly putting myself out there if I am ever to truly find my feet in this city. Es dauert ja eine Weile, um neue Freundschaften zu knüpfen...

Speaking of which, Jo Moore recently interviewed me for her blog, Twisted Sleeve, which is geared towards shy and introverted girls. I specifically talk about how travelling and learning languages has helped my confidence. Have a read here, if you like!