Wednesday, 28 November 2012

The future

In the next week, I have three deadlines for assignments that I am determined to make excellent. Naturally, the best move at this point would be to write a blog post about nothing in particular.

You may have noticed that I've changed my theme to something a little prettier, a little daintier, that just makes it a bit more pleasant to read. That was last night, when I was back from the weekly Stammtisch (meet-up for German speakers/students that I organise) at the pub, then stuffing myself with Jammie Dodgers whilst putting together a Powerpoint.

A lot of time in the past few weeks has been spent daydreaming about what I'm going to be doing next year... that is, my first year as a graduate in the big, bad world of unemployment. I don't know if this was just a form of procrastination and getting ahead of myself, but I would like to think that this daydreaming was productive and pro-active - I've been checking out job websites and so on, keeping an open mind and trying not to put all my eggs in one basket, as it were. I have already applied for one dream placement, but I don't want to mention it here yet in case I jinx my chances. What I do realise is that I now have to keep this personal development and acquisition of skills constant, on the side of being committed to getting the best degree I can. It's difficult.

Future-wise, all I know for definite is that I want to spend some time abroad. After spending most of last year away from home, my appetite for the world has only been whetted. Whenever I returned home for a visit, I would look forward to arriving off my cramped Ryanair flight at Stansted, seeing the familiar words UK BORDER AGENCY in front of me and getting my passport checked, spotting my parents in the arrivals area who would take my stuff and already have some homey food for me to eat in the car. I would feel relieved and cosy for a week or two, but then it just got frustrating. The constant cloud of rainy grey that shrouds this island is startlingly accurate pathetic fallacy, most of the time. There are cities here that I really like, where I would certainly not be averse to someday beginning a career. But at this point in my life, it seems right to continue seeing some of the world!

Small note to end on - I've only just discovered an artist called Girlfriends, who released a self-titled album over three years ago! It's excellent - a nice mixture of math-rock, post-hardcore and electronic. It's good motivational music. Don't sleep on it - you can download it for free on Bandcamp here.