Sunday, 11 November 2012


I've just spent a nice little weekend away in York! It was mainly to see Alex, one of my best uni mates but who graduated last year, and to participate in activities such as watching Nicolas Cage films. But also, I wanted to fulfil my little resolution of seeing more of my own country - coming back from my year spent in various parts of Europe made me realise how poorly-travelled I was in England, let alone other parts of the UK.

I actually lived in Doncaster (South Yorkshire) until the age of four, but of course I remember basically nothing of it. The last time I went Up North was when I was about 15, on a family trip to Northumberland, as my dad's side of the family originates from there. Everyone seems to make fun of southerners so I want to see what's really going on up there that makes us so silly in comparison.

Actual street name. It is only 2 numbers long, though. York, you so funny.

Vegan hot dog from Goji café - lush!

Poster on the toilet door of Dusk, a really cool bar. They sell cocktails called Britney Spears and Barack Obama amongst others!

We also went on a Ghost Walk at night, which is where you get led around York in a group by a gentleman in a top hat who shows you some sites where there have been paranormal occurences. It was very interesting to learn about some of the more historic places - I had no idea Guy Fawkes was born there, for example - but a couple of the stories were genuinely quite upsetting so watch out.

It was a great weekend and York is truly one of the greatest places in Britain I've visited. Now I am back and I need to get on with writing a literary review for a group presentation I did last week. Final year is not really getting any more enjoyable, but I'm pushing myself more and more to manage my time better because I do find it quite absurd that I find myself having no opportunity at all to just sit down and breathe.