Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Oxburgh Hall

This is me, trying to get back into the swing of blogging. It's not easy for now, as I'm very caught up with all the work in this final semester. Plus, I'm trying to read all the books in the university library I possibly can while my card is still valid, because I am completely in love with reading and I've found some real gems lately. So this place will probably remain quiet until the summer, but you can still expect a couple of posts over the next few weeks.

Usually when I arrive home for the holidays, I make a point of doing absolutely nothing for the rest of the day, wallowing in my newfound luxury. However, this time I decided I might benefit from breathing some country air for the first time in months and so I accepted a trip to Oxburgh Hall, in the village of Oxborough, Norfolk (I'm not sure why the spelling is different, either).

I've been inside the hall itself before, a while ago, but this time we decided just to walk around the grounds. The estate dates from 1482 and it's just lovely. As we all know, winter has long overstayed its welcome this year. But since we turned the clocks forward on Sunday, the sun has come out, which makes a world of difference even if we do still need to wrap up.