Friday, 4 October 2013

Food in Quebec

Before I came to Quebec, I have to admit I was a little apprehensive about how easy it would be for me to find stuff to eat. Two of the national dishes are poutine (drenched in gravy) and tourtière (meat pie to the max). This is a province whose cuisine is heavily influenced by French cuisine, and I mean... have you ever tried to be vegetarian/vegan in France?
So far, though, I've found that it's not been too bad at all. As I mentioned before, I've found places I can get a few of the specialty products I eat at home! I tend not to get meat analogues if I can help it, but I really appreciate that these are available.

This is the first time in a while that I have been bringing lunch to school/work. On my first day, I had lunch from the cafeteria, which consisted of soup, salad and a slice of vegetable pizza. School dinners have a lousy reputation but it was actually pretty good. It cost more than $5, though, and I decided I couldn't be doing with that every day. I quickly devised an easy, quick sandwich that I can make every morning: hummus, kidney beans and spinach. And it's vegan!

And in some ways, Canada - at least, I'm assuming it's the case all over Canada - has proved itself to be better than the UK when it comes to fast food places!
Practically across the street from my school is a Subway. I was feeling lazy for lunch one day, so I decided I'd go there. I was delighted to discover that they had a falafel sub! As usual, you can add or take away cheese as you like, load it with veggies, and there was also the option to go for an avocado filling (for a limited time only). Without the avocado, it was only $4.15, with the 12-inch at $5.00. So tempting, but I went for the smaller one.
Also, the McWrap here is pretty good. The "Mediterranean" one, which is full of vegetables and feta, and tastes very lemony. The "Santa Fe" one is also suitable for vegetarians and it's not bad. Yes, I know this is McDonalds, but if you ever stop somewhere and need some food, it's good to know.

Finally, I use the term "food" loosely here, but... what's this? Screme Egg? Is this now a thing in the UK too? It tastes pretty much the same as a Creme Egg, by the way, only the goo inside is green and not orange. Looks like it should be called the Mojo Jojo Egg.