Thursday, 5 December 2013

Snow in Quebec City

German Christmas Market. You weren't allowed to take your cup of Gl├╝hwein outside the premises because that constitutes public drinking! Note piles of snow.

I ate a yummy tofu burger at a restaurant called Le Hobbit and was served by, well, a hobbit.

Snow depth

My first polymer $5 note! I only recently saw my first $10 one, too. $20 and $50 ones are pretty common.

My ride didn't show up, so I ended up getting the train back to Rimouski last minute. Around here, that's absurd. In fact, it wasn't even from Quebec to Rimouski; it was from Charny, which is on the other side of the river, and two other passengers and I had to get a taxibus there. The station at Charny was cute. There was one person working there, who offered free tea and coffee. While waiting for the train, I watched Occupation double with the other passengers. Getting the train was really strange. I'd already done it last year from Montreal to Quebec, but this time was a bit different; it felt more antiquated. I had a lot of shopping with me so I wasn't that comfortable in my seat, but somehow I did get to sleep. The train kept stopping to let freight trains pass, and it went pretty slowly too. Still, it was an interesting experience and in the end I appreciated it as a sort of adventure. I arrived in Rimouski at 2am and walked home in the snow. Despite the price and the speed, I would travel with the train here again if it was planned in advance and I wanted to make a real trip out of it!