Thursday, 26 November 2015

5 Things I’ve Learnt From Half a Year of Freelancing in Germany

I wrote a post about my experiences getting up and running as a freelancer in Germany:

My part-time editing job in an office pays my rent and keeps me insured, while also making sure I have regular contact with humans and stay up to date with my industry just by showing up to work. I specifically chose this part-time position because I wanted space to continue relationships with the freelance clients I’d been working with before.
As a foreigner in Germany, I’m very, very lucky to be a Festangestellte (employee) and Freiberuflerin (freelancer) at the same time. From the first one, I make enough €€€ for basic living costs and am health-insured. With the freelance stuff, I can justify splashing out on something nice every now and then. 
But what are the five biggest headaches I’ve come across since starting to manage my own workload and income?
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