Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My first reading: Raum B, Neukölln, 06.01.2015

Photo: Fritz Schumann

Last week, I did my first ever public reading of my creative written work, as part of Der Lesende Krake. This is a monthly series featuring writers reading in German, English and French, taking place at the wonderful Raum B bookshop in Neukölln, which stocks mainly secondhand books in French (serves coffee and wine, too).

The piece I read was a short story I had written a couple of years prior; autobiographical in the sense that it was mixed together from a couple of different personal experiences, fictive in the sense I'd changed names and tweaked some details. To be honest, I don't think I would have gone for it if I weren't in the habit of sharing my work anyway, which I do monthly at my writing group. That's definitely a hurdle to overcome. It took about 15 minutes to read out (the story comes to 3,000 words or so, for reference). I kind of had a sore throat but only took one gulp of water - and felt so awkward I made a corny joke.
I got good feedback afterwards, not just about the piece, but also about the performance itself - someone said I was 'voll drin', meaning I seemed totally absorbed and in character. (Thanks, school drama club!)

Anyway, it was really cool. I'm looking forward to my next opportunity to do something like this!

Photo: Fritz Schumann

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